Monday, May 10, 2010

All put together again

Well, the remodel of the front has turned out great.  It is so nice to have everything put back together again, after having it all dug up since last fall.  Now I am finally ready to cover the top with dirt, and start prepping for laying sod.  It will be so nice to look out and see a grassy hill instead of an ugly metal pipe!


aldorr said...

Great job Joe! Maybe you should post the plans, so anyone can make their own hobbit hole. I'm sure the kids are loving it. What's the inside look like?

Joe said...

Thanks Allan! That is a cool idea. Everyone seems to have a big play structure in their backyard, why not a hobbit-hole? It would be awesome to see hobbit-holes springing up in backyards all over. If you click on September 2008 in the Blog Archive, you can get a look at what the inside looks like so far. Other than finishing the back wall and window, it has not changed much since then, as I have been focused on completing the exterior. My plan is to put some wood paneling around the round inside walls, to cover up the metal, put in a brick-pattern linoleum floor covering, install some light fixtures that have the appearance of oil lamps, and install an old German Eckbank. That, and to finish off all of the other surfaces in a manner befitting a hobbit's tastes.

Chocolate Smith said...

Joe this is awesome!! You have put so much hard work and love into this thing. I know it is taking longer than you wanted, but you are doing a great job. The kids are so dang lucky!

Nocturnal Queen said...

It's coming along very nicely. :-)

A hobbit-hole in my backyard? It may sound crazy, but I can tell you that my kids love it. It is the coolest playhouse ever. Plus, they can enjoy the grassy hill for sledding in winter and water sliding in summer. This was all my wife's idea. She dreamt it, and I got to be the one to bring it to reality. I'm not a construction expert; this was a total do-it-yourself job by a complete amateur. It has turned out rather nicely, I think. Here is the story of how it came to be.

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