Sunday, May 25, 2008

Trampoline Project (Genesis of the hobbit-hole idea)

As mentioned before, the idea for the hobbit-hole was sparked by a pile of dirt resulting from an in-ground trampoline project. Here is a brief summary of that project.

When we first got the trampoline, we just stuck in on the corner of the weed patch.

We hired someone to dig a pit for us, and I rounded it, flattened it, and built the retaining walls.

When the trampoline was done, we no longer had a weed patch, but a mound of dirt. This we had flattened out, as we weren't sure what we were going to do with it yet. Looking at this raised region of dirt, my wife began to envision a hill sort of "growing" up from it. And then she realized, "Hey, if we are going to put in a hill, why not make it into a hobbit-hole?"

You may be wondering about now how a person can look at a dirt patch like this, raised only about a foot and a half above ground-level and think hobbit-hole, but you don't know my wife....

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jamesmockery said...

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A hobbit-hole in my backyard? It may sound crazy, but I can tell you that my kids love it. It is the coolest playhouse ever. Plus, they can enjoy the grassy hill for sledding in winter and water sliding in summer. This was all my wife's idea. She dreamt it, and I got to be the one to bring it to reality. I'm not a construction expert; this was a total do-it-yourself job by a complete amateur. It has turned out rather nicely, I think. Here is the story of how it came to be.

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